Info / 05-03-2019

CANNESERIES Institute - The Laureates

One writing residency and 8 screenwriters.


In Cannes, the city of festivals, some promising writers from all around the world will integrate CANNESERIES Institute, the writing residency dedicated to series, from 5th March to 11th April 2019.


Within the 49 received applications, only 8 have been chosen. 

Of different nationalities, they graduated from prestigious film schools and will benefit from a 4-week formation allowing them to develop their projects. For the residents, the goal of this program is to write a short bible and a pilot for an original short format series based on the theme given by the CANAL+ Group. 


The Theme

France / England. 
Love, unlove, brexit and french touch. Imagine a serie set up between England and France in your favorite genre



For the second consecutive year, one of the residents might see its project take greater proportions thanks to CANAL+.



Let us introduce you to the new rookies of the second edition of CANNESERIES Institute.